7 chapter of the book of Revelation

7 chapter of the book of Revelation

71. Four angels, Rev. 7:1.

Four wreckers (Rev. 7:2) i.e. four main demons of Satan (or the main chiefs of a hell and a demonic army); fighting against Church, including now. More in detail see d.e. 57, 58, 59 and especially 60. Four angels HOLDING THE FOUR WINDS of the Earth, Rev.7:1. About a wind (explanation): That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every WIND of DOCTRINE Eph. 4:14. Four winds are four winds of the doctrine, certainly not Christian (though several from these doctrines are disguised under Christian teaching). These four winds are mentioned in the book of the prophet of Daniel, 7:2 and mean four main religious doctrines in the world; the specified four angels - wreckers offer these doctrines to christians (and to all people) if only those did not profess pure Christian teaching and faith in Jesus. Characterizing these four false religious doctrines, it is possible to tell the following: their molten images are wind and confusion, writes pr.Isaiah, 41:29.

1. From here it is visible, that first of these false doctrines, this is worshiping to idols and a handwork of the artist, Hos. 8:6, 7. The Bible forbids worshiping to sacred people, even if they so great, as Apostles, Acts 10:25, 26. It is impossible to worship to Angels of God, Rev 19:10, 22:8.9. It is impossible to worship to statues (to idols), see Lev. 26:1, Deut. 27:15. It is impossible to worship to images Deut. 4:16, Ex. 20:4, Rev. 19:20. It is impossible to worship to "images", Deut. 4:15, 16, Rom. 1:23, 25. To worship it is necessary (and it is possible) only to the Lord, Mat. 4:10.

2. The Second false doctrine: so, if likewise you by the tongue utter unintelligible words you shall SPEAK INTO THE WIND 1Cor.14:9*. I think, that is clear, about what doctrine here there is a speech.

3 (and 4 too): Ephraim feedeth on wind, and followeth after the east wind Hos.12:1. Is, as is visible, THE EAST WIND , that is there are so-called east religions. Note: *quote from the Russian Bible.

72. Another Angel, Rev. 7:2.

Another Angel ascends from the east. "East" in the Bible is understood doubly:

1) Literally, as one of the four sides of the world.

2) In spiritual sense (as a place dwelling of the God) Luke 1:78.

Here I shall specify this second, spiritual value: the Angel goes from that place where the God resides, is more exact: the origin of another Angel - is divine. Further, another Angel has a seal of the living God alive; in gospel it is told, that on Him (on the Christ) God the Father has set His seal, John 6:27 (NKJV). One more attribute: another Angel is converted to four angels with authority and forbids to them to do harm for some time, Rev 7:3. Thus another Angel names itself in plural: till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads . So Jesus usually speaks: John. 3:11, 17:11 and on the whole the God: Gen.1:26, 3:22, Is. 6:8, etc. One more especial sign: Another Angel has sealed the Christians who have accepted of Christ, Rev 7:4 (at that time Israel will already come to believe in Christ). But to seal of believers the Holy Spirit can only, Eph. 1:13. The listed attributes specify Jesus, who is presented in an image of Another Angel. By the way, the word another means not such as others, different ; that is not a usual Angel. But why Jesus is presented in the book of Revelation in the form of Another Angel? The matter is that language of the book of Revelation - prophetical, demanding interpretation. Another Angel it is mentioned and in other places of the book of Revelation, therefore the further details can be found in d.e. 78,142,147,148,177.

73. The tribe of Manasseh, Rev.7:6.

12 tribes exist according to the number of 12 sons of James, Gen. 49:1-28, however the name of Manasseh in the Old Testaments list of tribes is not present. Comparing the list of tribes from the book Exodus with same list in the book of Revelation, we notice some differences: so, the first in New Testaments list mentions Judah, Rev.7:5 while during the time of the Old Testament the first was Reuben, Gen. 49:3; Reuben has changed the place from the first for the second, Rev.7:5. It because our Lord Jesus when was born in this world as concerning to the flesh came from the tribe of Judah, Heb. 7:14, Rev. 5:5. Gad, who has born the seventh, in Rev. 7:5 it is mentioned by the third. Aser, born the eighth, in Rev. 7:6 it is mentioned by the fourth. Nepthalim, born the sixth, has moved on the fifth place, Rev 7:6. Simeon, born the second, has moved on the seventh place, Rev.7:7; the Levi, born the third, has moved on the eighth place, Rev.7:7. In the New Testaments list there is no Dan, but there was a new name: MANASSEH. Manasseh was not the son of James, and was only his grandson. Manasseh was son of Joseph, but James has put the grandson Manasseh on the same level with the sons, Gen. 48:5. Manasseh was born unto Joseph by Asenath the daughter of Potipherah priest of On, Gen.41:50. Asenath was given to wife unto Joseph by Pharaoh, Gen. 41:45. Manasseh was born in Egypt from the woman of a pagan origin and consequently is a prototype of the pagans who accepted the God and have joined Israel, Deut. 32:43 and Rom.15:8-12; 11:17. It specifies that one of tribes of Israel (namely the tribe of Manasseh) a pagan origin. That is, the Lord supposes, that among 144 thousand sealed from all tribes of Israel there was also one tribe number of 12 thousand, consisting of the accepted of the Christ pagans (of people of other nationalities).

74. A great multitude, which no man could number, Rev. 7:9.

John has seen this multitude after this , that is after were sealed 144 thousand. On a question: who are they?* Rev.7:13 it is told, that these are they which came out of great tribulation, Rev.7:14 during which they starved, thirsted, them the sun and heat scorched, but that now it any more will not be, it behind, Rev.7:16, because the God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes (so, they cried - during great tribulation) Rev.7:17. During great trouble so it is a lot of victims, that no man could number . In days of Apostle John, these victims were in the future (as however and now) in fact great tribulation will be in the end of the Age*, before Coming, Mat.24:29, 30. For the past of 2000 years of history of Christianity much became known. It is known, for example, that since times Nero and till 1900 A.D. inclusive, it is tortured, killed, burnt and given for savaging to beasts about 50 million Christians (data from pre-revolutionary editions of Prohanov time, such as "Christian", and others). Within 20-th century during revolutions, the famine, the first and second world wars the quantity of victims could increase for 5 million. The quantity of impending victims of the antichrist can surpass last figure

75. Palm branches in hands of saved nations, Rev.7:9.

With palm branches met Jesus, as King, John 12:13.

Before sealing 144 thousand Jesus will remove the fifth seal and the Kingdom of the World will be given to Him. Jesus shall reign, see d.e. 61. Suffered from great tribulation will eulogize glory to the Jesus, as to King (God reigneth!) with palm branches in the hands.

76. All Angels stood round about the throne of God , Rev.7:11.

After Accession of Jesus and after sealing He of 144 thousand there will be one more event: overthrow of Satan and his angels from the Heaven. At this time (during great tribulation) it will be added not only the number of the killed Christians (Rom.11:25) - full becomes also number of Angels of God wherefore no one of them the Satan couldnt deceive and to entice on his side any more. And those angels which the Satan has carried away on his side will be cast out from the Heaven with him. All the Angels who have remained in the Heaven are true to the Jesus, all of them will eulogize to Him glory, as to God, when He shall reign; therefore around of throne of God we see already all Angels of God, unlike many, that were earlier, Rev.5:11. See also d.e. 56.