8 chapter of the book of Revelation

8 chapter of the book of Revelation

77. The Lamb had opened the seventh seal, Rev.8:1.

In the Heaven silence about the spae of "half an hour", that is for 21 month has become. About a heavenly measure one hour and "half an hour" see d.e. 29 and 62. As that it is told about the space of half an hour means approximately for 21 month. During removal of the previous sixth seal the Court God's which will proceed and during removal of the seventh seal will begin. In execution of Court at this World participate and seven mentioned already senior Angels, see d.e.6. During time described by us, that is during a time of tempting and Court to them will be given seven trumpets. During a time of tempting (and the beginnings of Court) will occur seven most important events described in the book of Revelation:

1. Accession of Jesus Christ.

2. War with the saints when the number of the killed Christians will be added.

3. Overthrow of Satan and his angels from the Heaven into the Earth.

4. Announcing approach of Court Gods (And the Coming).

5. The Holy Spirit will be taken out from the ground.

6. Great earthquake, see d.e. 63.

7. Victory above the antichrist in fight the Armageddon.

Approach of these great events will be proclaimed by trumpets of seven Archangels which are active participants of these events. The trumpet of this or that Archangel sounds during strictly certain time at which the given event will occur.

78. And another Angel came and stood at the altar , Rev.8:3.

Another Angel was already mentioned in previous d.e. 72 where it has been told, that in accordance with all signs in an image of another Angel - Jesus is meant. Given place Rev. 8:3-5 also specifies attributes that this is Jesus:

1. In the hand he has a censer, and it is high priest ministering; in days of the Old Testament to burn incense was authorized only the sons of Aaron, 2Chr. 26:18-20. In days of the New Testament the High priest is only one Jesus, Heb. 5:10, and anybody another, wherefore His priesthood is not passing, Heb. 7:24. In Rev. 8:3-5 Jesus makes the ministering described in the book Leviticus, 16:12, 13, 16, that is an atonement of the holy place because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel, and because of their transgressions in all their sins, Leviticus. 16:16. It will be, when the Lord will take away sins off Israel, (will accept Israel) Rom. 11:27, after the full number of the gentiles will enter, Rom. 11:25, 26, that is after addition of number of the killed Christians. The number at that time will be already full wherefore prayers of ALL saints are mentioned, Rev 8:3 - prayers of ALL ever lived and living nowadays saints. Their number will be already full, and the Lord will have already no need to wait, that there was one more (or few) any saints. According to Rom. 11:27 the Lord, (but not an angel) will remove sins from Israel! That is under the name of the ANOTHER Angel certainly is meant the Lord, see also d.e.17.

2. The mach of incense has been given to Another Angel; incense (or odours) is prayers of saints, Rev. 5:8. Prayers, as is known, are addressed to the Lord God, but not to an angel; in according with this attribute - the Lord at the altar too is visible.

3. The Lord at the altar stands (stands, instead of sits) Rev.8:3. It also because at that time on the ground will betray for death of Christians, and Jesus standing will honor their exploit as it was and in days of the first Christians, when betraid for death Stephen, Acts 7:55-60.

4. There is an objection, that the God supposedly cannot be named the Angel, but in the Scripture the God (see Hos.12:3, 4) refers to as the "ANGEL". As well at the prophet of Malachi it is told: and the Lord, whom you seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the Angel of the covenant, whom you delight in: behold, he shall come, Mal. 3:1(The Darby Bible 1884 1890; Bible in basic English, Russian Bible and others). An angel of the covenant (that is the Angel of the New Testament); the Greek word "angel" is translated Russian "messenger. Unless the Lord not the messenger of the New Testament? He has brought gospels to people; he also has proclaimed it, Mark, 1:14.He is the messenger (in Greek - the Angel)!

79. And cast into the earth , Rev. 8:5.

Having received prayers of all Christians including sentenced to death, the Lord will execute judgment against the instigator of these persecutions, against the Devil, whom Jesus will plunge on the ground together with his angels. At prophet Isaiah the Gods indignation which thus will flare up, is described, Is.34:1-5. The sword of the Lord will touch as living on Heavens, that is heavenly host (angels), and living on the ground, Is. 34:5; Is. 24:21, 22. Then words of Jesus will be executed: now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world will be cast out, John12:31; after overthrow of the Devil there will be the voices proclaiming the beginning of reign of Jesus Christ, Rev.11:15; 12:10. Thunders (that is great sounds of a trumpets, Mat. 24:31) will sound too. There will be also an earthquake a bit of later, see d.e.63, as the court God's on the ground will begin. Under the name Lightnings is meant overthrow not one only the Devil, but also his angels, Rev. 12:9. See about it also d.e.50.

80. Angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound, Rev. 8:6.

In total Archangels seven; the senior among them Michael, see the Epistle of Jude, 9-th verse. The second under seniority - Gabriel, - is mentioned in Luke 1:19. In the book of Revelation the description of the events occuring at trumpets of seven Angels, begins with description of those events which will occur at a trumpet of the First Angel; it because:

1. The First Angel, that is the Archangel Michael, is the main among them and

2. Performance of the most difficult affairs, in this case an overflowing hail with fire (Rev. 8:7) is entrusted to him. A great hail, every stone about the weight of a talent, that is 28 kg, a hailstones (see d.e. 69) is means, which will fall upon bands of the antichrist at fight the Armageddon, Ezek.38:22.At a trumpet of Michael the Archangel there will be also such grandiose event, as a descention of great heavenly City on the ground, see d.e.185.

81. The Second Angel sounded, Rev.8:8.

The Second by seniority Archangel sounded. We pay your attention: not the second under the account, but the second by seniority and difficulty of the affairs, charged to him. Thus was cast a great mountain that is the big city, see d.e. 69, burning with fire. Falling Babylon, the main city of gentiles, which will occur at Great Earthquake (Rev. 16:18-20) means, see also d.e.63. Thus the third part of the sea that is third of population of the Earth will become blood that is will be lost. The same quantity will be lost and at a trumpet of the First Angel, Rev.8:7, Zech.13:8. After murder of Gods servants, the Christ (which at that time already shall reign) will be angry and will send his (angelic) armies, will burn their city, Mat.22:6, 7 (after destruction by earthquake, upon Babylon the fiery rain also will spill) Luke 17:29, 30.

82. The Third angel sounded, Rev 8:10.

1. And there fell a great star from heaven that is means falling of Satan from the Heaven, when he will be cast into the Earth.

And it fell upon the third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of waters . Mentioned waters were pure (while on them the Satan has not fallen). These are pure waters which are drunk by believers, John 7:37. Thus "rivers" it is the rivers of a living water current from believing in Jesus, John 7:38. Sources* of waters are places of assemblies where word of God flows (and it is Holy Spirit, John 7:39). After catching up of Church the Holy Spirit will be taken from the ground and places of assemblies will become empty. But on these become empty sources of waters the fallen star, that is unclean spirit, a Satan will fall, and former alive waters "will become bitter" that is bringing death. The doctrine of a devil killingly and many of people, in which still die out any similarity of belief, will die spiritually (they will accept a Satan, who will pass itself off as Jesus, 2Thes. 2:4, John 5:43).

Bitter water is the water that causeth the curse, Num.5:18. Figuratively - the doctrine of a devil leading to damnation, to that is mentioned in Mat.25:41; see also Jas. 3:8-11. Lethal poison of the doctrine of Satan will be in those places where there were sources of living water earlier.

2. The doctrine of a Satan will fall only on third of sources of waters; it because TWO THIRDS of other sources already for a long time have been spoiled and poisoned by him, they belonged to a Satan even earlier! He had no need to fall there, where he already anyway there is. The Scripture, thus, specifies, that now, today, only ONE THIRD of sources of waters (that is places where the gospels are preaching) is pure, not corrupt (2Cor. 2:17), that is only one third of all churches in the World has the pure evangelical doctrine and is true and correct before the God. Why also whom the doctrine of two thirds of churches is wrecked and hurted, see in d.e. 59, 60 and 71.

83. The Fourth Angel sounded, Rev.8:12.

And the third part of the sun was struck** (that is has been hit):

1. The first meaning: See an explanation in d.e.64.

2. Luminosity of the sun, time of the day, during which its light will be reduced for third, and duration of night, to the contrary, will increase for third.

The third part of the Moon was struck**:

1. Will suffer defeat (spiritual) third part of Church, (in an image of the Moon is implied the Church, Sol. 6:9, 10. The third part of members of Church as it is written will be eclipsed: our lamps are gone out , Mat. 25:8; these members will be from among foolish virgins. That antichrist will pass itself off as the God (2Thes. 2:4), they will mistake at face value and worship to him. They will believe a lie and consequently will be condemned, 2Thes. 2:11, 12. Condemnation of hell (at.23:33) means.

2. Luminosity of the Moon (as heavenly body) will decrease for third in visible image; means sign of God before His Coming.

The third part of stars was struck**:

1. Defeat which will be sufferred in war in the Heaven by angels of Satan. The Satan has carried away from the Heaven the third part of stars, Rev. 12:4, 7-9. Access on the Heaven as in days of the Job, 2:1 at Satan any more will not be.

2. The part of stars in the sky will cease to shine in the visible image; it is a part of a sign which will be before Coming of Christ Mat. 24:29, 30.

Note: **quotation from Revised Standart Version.

84. And I beheld and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven Rev. 8:13.

Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation in the Greek language, he did not write in Russian. Russian translators of the Bible have written about an Angel flying in the middle of the Heaven, but apostle John does not write in this place about any angel; the word "Angel" is not mentioned at all by him. Instead of the angel apostle John wrote about the EAGLE: Then I looked, and I heard an eagle** crying with a loud voice, as it flew in midheaven Rev. 8:13. The author of the given Interpretation uses a word written by apostle John, available in the original: here the fine image taken from the book of Deuteronomy, 32:11, 12 where it is told: As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: so the Lord alone did lead him (Gods people). The EAGLE in this case is an image of the Lord God. The similar image is and in the gospel of St. Matthew, 23:37 where Jesus speaks about itself. Bearing in mind of told:

1. The Lord can be seen in the middle of the sky during His Coming, Mat. 24:30. The Coming, thus, takes place at a trumpet of the fourth Archangel.

2. At a trumpet of the fourth Archangel it is possible will as well hear Jesus because before the Coming He shall proclaim judgment to the gentiles, Mat. 12:18. The note: at removal of the seventh seal, Rev.8:1, four Archangels with trumpets will be in time to sound only; about other trumpet voices of three Angels it is told, that they still ahead, Rev. 8:13. It specifies a time when the seventh seal will be removed (four Angels have sounded, and three still ahead), that is the seventh seal will be removed at the trumpet of the fourth Angel, is better to tell Archangel.

The note: ** an eagle mentioned in Rev. 8:13 of the following translations: NT- CS, WBTC, RSV, ASV, BBE, NIV, DBY, GW, NASB, MSG and others.