10 chapter of the book of Revelation

10 chapter of the book of Revelation

98. Another mighty Angel come down from heaven, Rev.10:1.

Appearance of the Angel: upon his head was a rainbow. But a rainbow shines around of throne of God, Rev. 4:3 (it is an attribute of the God).

2. His face as the sun. But such face - at Jesus, Rev. 1:16.

3. His feet as pillars of fire. And at Jesus - as if they burned in a furnace (Rev.1:15) that are too fiery.

4. Name of Another Angel points to Jesus, see d.e.72, 78.The references which available in the Bible to the given verse (that is to Rev. 10:1) too specify Jesus; the opinion the author of the given Interpretation is same: this is exactly Jesus. About legitimacy of the name "Angel" in conformity with Jesus see d.e. 78. So, here the Lord will descend from the heaven to sealembody 144 thousand firstborns. Some details about it see in d.e. 72. The Lord will descend from the heaven and for other matters about which it will be told below.

99. Seven thunders uttered their voices , Rev. 10:3.

These are seven trumpets with a great sound (each of which has thunderous voice Mat.24:31*), see d.e. 50. After each of trumpets there are those or other events. Some of these events and their names to Apostle John was told "Seal up (to hide*)", that is to not write about it in the open form, Rev. 10:4. The author of the given Interpretation believes, that in sealed up (in ciphered) form these data nevertheless have got in the book of Revelation.

About seven trumpets of seven Angels in the given 10th chapter there is one specifying detail which, in opinion of the author, cannot be comprehend by anybody, but only those to whom it is given, to whom Jesus will open, Rev. 3:7. It is a question about Rev. 10:7 where it is told, that the mystery of God should be finished in the days of the voice of the seventh Angel, and added: when he will sound** . However in the Greek text of the New Testament, in the primary source, this additive sounds in another way: when he shall begin to sound . It specifies that from available of the seven Angels will start to sound exactly seventh Angel (the seventh by seniority Archangel). Thus, according to the book of Revelation, the following sequence of trumpets of seven Angels is observed: 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Such sequence is called as reverse and is one of secrets of the book of Revelation.

The notes: *like this in Russian Bible.

**in some translations is absent the wordshall begin.

100. Another Angel* sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, that there should be time no longe, Rev. 10:6.

The God sware by himself as it was and earlier, Heb. 6:13, sware that time any more will not be. Having created the mankind, the God has appointed predetermined times of their dwelling, Acts 17:26. The word "time" is used in the Bible with different meaning; one of them means an interval of time, duration 2000 years, see d.e. 3. Such time periods since times of Adam was three: from Adam up to Abraham - the first 2000, from Abraham up to the Christ - the second 2000 and from the Birth of the Christ to present time too has already passed 2000; in total 6000 years. It is possible to tell, that in these of 6000 years the God did not create already anything new, that is did not create new, unknown before the beasts, new species of the trees, new unknown before fruits, birds, fishes, etc. It because all this for a long time is already created and after creation of the World the God had rested from all his work which God created and made, Gen. 2:3. The given Day of rest will end only when the God will tell: Behold, I create all things new, Rev. 21:5**. Thus, for today duration of the God's Day of rest equals 6000 years. But we know that there were 6 more Days of Creation. As all 7 specified days are identical, then duration of all existence of the Earth equals 6000 7 = 42 thousand years. However all cash reserve of time for today still is not exhausted. The matter is that days of Creation (and the seventh Day of rest) do not join among themselves, and so to speak takes place partly laying one on another (i.e. superposition). For example, when Adam has been created, then from the moment of his creation the time keeping of history of mankind has begun, but the sixth Day of creation with creation of Adam has not ended, as after Adam Eve yet has been then created. For a close and attentive eye "overlay" between 6-th Day of creation and 7-th Day of rest here is visible. These overlays between all Days of creation (including and the 7-th Day of rest) in the sum equals 14 years; it is that reserve of time mentioned above, from which now (at the moment of a writing of the given Interpretation) there were only 5 years.

The notes: *that is Jesus (see d.e.72, 78, 98).

** Quotation from the Russian Bible.

101. Go, and take the little book (command to Apostle John), Rev.10:8.

Shortly before the end of Time Jesus will descend to seal 144 thousand firstborns, see d.e. 98. During sealing to apostle John it will be told, that he went to Jesus, that is went on the ground. During sealing will begin those 1260 days, during which two prophets will be prophecy on the ground and Apostle John, being one of them, receives command: Go . And I went unto the Angel, apostle John speaks, Rev.10:9, that is has gone on the ground! Further apostle John will receive the book from Jesus, Rev.10:9. In this book the contents of prophesy which should to master (to remember) and proclaim (or prophesy) John on the ground - is written. The given prophesy in John's mouth when he all this will proclaim, will be sweet, as honey, Rev. 10:10. This is because The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to bedesired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: SWEETER ALSO THAN HONEY AND THE HONEY - COMB , Ps.19:10. That is Apostle John will proclaim those judgments which overtaken this World and its inhabitants if they will not be fear of the God. When 1260 days of their prophesy will terminate, in a belly of Apostle John it becomes bitter: this is indication to death (that he will die), to bitterness of death, 1Sam. 15:32; and it is really, after termination of the testimony, prophets will be killed by beast - antichrist, Rev. 11:7.

When Apostle John received Revelation on island Patmos, to him has been told, that exactly he will be one of two prophets: YOU MUST PROPHESY AGAIN before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings , Rev. 10:11. See also d.e. 9-15.