13 chapter of the book of Revelation

13 chapter of the book of Revelation

130. John stood upon the sand of the sea, Rev. 13:1.

Words the sand of the sea specify Israel: Gen. 13:16, 22:17, 32:12; 2Sam. 17:11, 1Ki. 4:20, Hos. 1:10, Heb 1:12, etc. That John stood upon the sand of the sea means, that he will appear in Israel when will rise as one of two prophets, Rev. 10:11, see also d.e. 9-15,20,85,101-113,129. He will stand on the ground of Israel. In his days of prophecy, before John eyes will have exit out of the sea a beast having seven heads and ten horns. By the sea is meant the sea of man where waters of this sea mean peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues, Rev. 17:15. This World in the Scripture refers to as the sea, Is. 57:20.

The beast with ten horns is an empire on the Earth, Dan. 7:7, 23, 24 at the head of which will be antichrist. In days of prophecy of Apostle John this empire will arise, will be founded, will be formed and begins to exist again. The history of a kingdom of a red dragon has 10 rulers (horns) after whom there will be still the eleventh, Dan. 7:8 which will humiliate three rulers that were up to him, Dan. 7:24. This eleventh will become the antichrist, Dan. 7:25. His empire has seven heads that is 7 allied states together with their capitals and rulers.

The beast was similar to a leopard, Rev. 13:2 that is an empire with 10 kings similarly to the Greek state, in the book of the prophet of Daniel presented in the form of a leopard, Dan, 7:6. Feet at it as at a bear, Rev. 13:2, that is its military force - as at former empire of Medes and Persians which is presented in the form of a bear, Dan 7:5; it also the indication, that an emblem of the kingdom with 10 kings is a bear. A mouth that has an empire of red beast is as mouth at a lion. The lion is an image of the Babylonian state, Dan. 7:4. Babylon was multilingual and it specifies that speeches of ruler of the state with 10 rulers (and his rhetoric) are Babylonian, i.e. proud, without recognition of the God (blasphemous), Rev. 13:5. A red dragon, Rev. 12:3, that is a devil, Rev. 12:9 will give to this empire with 10 kings (too red) the force and great authority, everything, that there is at Satan, and also his throne (throne of Satan) on which he will seat the protege, the antichrist.

131. A deadly wound of a beast was healed, Rev. 13:3.

The deadly wound means, delivered to this state as a result of which it has ceased to exist and it some time will not be, but then it again will appear, Rev. 17:8. At occurrence of empire that once has disappeared will be suprised those from people whom names are not entered in the Book of life. The population of all Earth will be surprised, and to watch process of restoration, formation and resuscitation of this empire. From the further texts of the book of Revelation follows, that here means once existing empire of Rome, see d.e.172 and 173.

Emperor Theodosius was last Roman emperor headed all Roman Empire. After death Theodosius in 395 year the empire has been halved between two his sons: in the West, with capital in Rome began to govern Honorius, and in the East of Roman Empire with capital in Constantinople became governor Arcadius. In 410 year the leader of German tribe of gothes independent of Romans Alarich has intruded in limits of Roman Empire and has reached Rome, having rendered the first defeat. From that time became more frequent attacks of huns, vandals, francs, burgunds and other tribes against territory of Roman Empire and in second half V of century they have completely grasped Africa, having expelled therefrom Romans. Romans had to leave also Britain, Spain and Gallia. All Italy and Rome has been grasped. The iron scepter of the Roman emperor has scattered in ashes. Last representative of Roman imperial dynasty Romul Augustulus has been deposed in 476 year.

In empire of Rome destruction of Christians has been churned out : it is not only long lines of Christians which was crucified (and then alive burnt) in the time of Nero; savaged by wild beasts on arenas during Olympic games; finished the life in numerous prisons, but also millions died of beyond their strength work in stone quarrys and other mines. Thousands Christians have been drew up in kilometer turns to offer up a sacrifice for emperor . All refused to offer up the sacrifice for him (and such there was a stifling majority) were a subject to a death penalty. And here the mortal blow has been rendered to huge empire of a beast: the wound was so significant, that the western part of Roman Empire has ceased to exist. However in the East, in Constantinople the representative of other branch of last Roman imperial dynasty - Zenon continued to rule. He has escaped from invasion. After him east part of former empire various successors began to rule. So proceeded down to 1453 when Turks had been grasped and plundered Constantinople. The coat of arms of east part of empire was the two-headed eagle, symbolising two head of the Roman Empire: one head looked at the East and meant east part of empire; other head looked at the West and meant the western part of empire. But the mortal blow has been dealed to western "head", and it has ceased to exist. After victory the Turks, it seems that has come the end and for other head, however Russian tsar Ivan III has straight away declared that, despite of falling of Constantinople, he, Russian tsar, henceforth becomes the heir of Byzantium (so this part of Roman empire began to be called). Ivan III married the representative of the byzantian throne Sophia Palaeologus, and the coat of arms of former east part of Roman Empire has made the national emblem of the Russian state, and Moscow began to be called as the third Rome. In the meantime the wound, dealed to the Roman state of a beast, began to cure: In Middle Ages there was a movement of "Renaissance" (it is translated by a word "revival"). To be revived there was an art of ancient Rome; there were every possible schools and lines in the fine arts and a sculpture, simulating antiquity; began to dig out sculptural images of Roman "gods" and the rests of the pagan temples destroyed even by Alarich, see above. Began to stage plays on subjects of mythical godhoods of a classical antiquity; in the last century Olympic game (that was forgotten during 1500 years in a row) have been restored. Dismantle of Christian treasures where only it is possible is simultaneously made. Not so long ago, already today, prays at the American schools have been forbidden. The Bible speaks, that in last time of existence of this World there will be the empire of the Satan which restored on the sample of former empire of Rome and has become by its heir. All these processes of restoration and resuscitation will set in motion (and already sets) the dragon that is Satan, Rev.12:9 also will give for this purpose the force. This dragon looks the same as also its empire having seven heads and ten horns moreover this dragon is named "red", Rev. 12:3. To the state of a red dragon will worship many of dwelt upon the Earth, saying: Who is like unto the beast? That is: What country is able to make war with this state? And who can conquer it? . (In ideas at them, that it is invincible). Speaking it, they as a matter of fact are admirers not only Empire that came to life, but also Satan who has given to this empire the force and authority. Healing of a wound of the beast has also other meaning about which it will be told below.

132. A mouth, speaking great things and blasphemies , Rev. 13:5, 6.

This mouth belonged to the antichrist, tsar in an empire of a red dragon. When the empire of a dragon will be reanimated, it will head antichrist which authority - to operate 42 months; antichrist and his mouth are mentioned at the prophet of Daniel 7:8, 11, and 25. These 42 months will begin after overthrow of Satan from the heaven, shortly before Coming of the Christ, approximate in 2 years after beginning of prophecy of two prophets; will proceed in the Day of wrath God's when 7 vials of anger will be poured out. These 42 months will end with destruction of the antichrist and his army at fight the Armageddon.

133. It was given unto him to make war with the saints , Rev. 13:7.

During described events the saints (that is Christians) still on the ground. Christians (saints) remain on the ground till the middle of seven years, mentioned the prophet Daniel, 9:27. Here the list of events at which the Church still is on the ground:

1. Removal of the fifth seal, Rev.6:9.

2. The period Peace and safety , 1Thes.5: 3.

3. During of all period of great tribulation, from its beginning and up to the end, Mat.24:21.

4. During sealed of 144 thousand, Rev.7:4.

5. During of time of temptation, Rev. 3:10.

6. During of war in the heaven, Rev.12:7.

7. During addition of number killed under the altar, Rev.6:11.

8. Removal of the sixth seal, Rev.6:9.

9. Overthrow of Satan and his angels on the earth, Rev.12:9.

10. Coming of the antichrist, 2Thes.2:9.

11. War of the antichrist with saints, Rev.13:7.

12. Trumpet voices of the 7th, 6th, 5th and 4th Archangels, Rev.8:12; 9:1, 13; 11:5.

13. The first two years from those 42 months of authority of a beast.

14. All 1260 days of the testimony of two prophets.

15. In all of 1290 days mentioned by the prophet by Daniel and till last day which will come after 1334 days, Dan. 12:11,12.

The state of a red dragon will wage war against the saints. Laws against Christians will be created. In persecutions will take part not only pagans, but also Christians only under the name: millions Christians will be killed. Anti-Christ will demand to himself worshiping, but those who will worship to him, will lose life eternal, Rev. 14:11; will not worship to him only those, which names are in the Book of life.

134. Supporters of a beast will lead of Christians into captivity and will kill some of them with the sword, Rev. 13:10.

The period when it will occured names "Patience", see d.e.10. Additional details contain also in d.e. 40, 61, 65, 74, 75, 93, 103, etc. Having warned about these future tests the people, the Lord speaks: If any man has an ear, let him hear, Rev. 13:9. These words of the Lord are quoted seven more times in the message to the seven churches: Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 29; Rev. 3:6, 13, 22. Sense of these words: the Spirit saith unto the churches. That is all described in 13 chapter of the book of Revelation concerns of Churches and will occur, when the Church still will be on the ground; exception makes only the fifth verse of this 13 chapter (where 42 months of authority of a beast are mentioned) wherefore the Church will be on the ground only in the first two years from this 42 months. Activity of the antichrist is described also at the prophet of Habacuc, 2:5.

135. Another beast coming up out of the earth, Rev. 13:11.

It is the same beast out of the bottomless pit, Rev. 17:8. By a beast is meant an empire which the Satan owns, that is Power of death , Heb. 2:14. A beast has two horns, that is two tsars (a word "horn" means "tsar", Dan. 7:8, 20, 24); they are two main angels of a Hell, namely: the Abaddon and Death, ( Job. 28: 22, Rev. 6:8; 9:11) by means of which the devil operates the Power of Death. The Abaddon (or, the same, Apollyon, Rev. 9:11), is the head in the bottomless pit. And a Hell followed with Death, Rev. 6:8 that is troops of Satan, evil spirits; those are locust that is mentioned in Rev. 9:3 and which will ascend out of the bottomless pit, Rev. 9:2, 3 that is out of the earth, see d.e. 87 when the well (or a tunnel) of the Hell will be opened.

A beast had two horns like a lamb.

But at the Lamb - seven horns, Rev. 5:6, that is seven main Angels (seven Archangels). And in an empire of Satan two main chiefs: the Abaddon and Death (his two main angels). The beast out of the bottomless pit spoke as a dragon that is as Satan. And it is clear, because an empire of Satan (his Power of death) executes his will and speaks as he. The beast operates before a dragon: here the dragon (i.e. Satan) represents itself as the conductor, and the beast (i.e. an empire of Satan) operates before him as the executor of his will.

And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast : the Satan has given the authority and force to an earthly, red empire, Rev. 13:2, that Empire that will uprise from nonexistence, Rev. 17:8. It is clear, that the earthly empire of the antichrist and providering for it all-round support satanic Power of Death operates with the same authority (with all authority of Satan).

And causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, that is forces the population of all Earth to recognize the terrestrial empire of a red dragon which has uprised from nonexistence as the strongest, eternal, indestructible and invincible . It is not recognized by Christians of last time, for what supporters of the beast will be kill them.

136. (The beast out of the bottomless pit) doeth great wonders, Rev. 13:13.

Including another wonder , see d.e. 124 and d.e.88 (point 3), i.e. a false sign of coming of the Christ (actually at that time will come antichrist). With miracles unclean spirits will deceive population of the Earth so as to they have made an image for the beast which was wounded by the sword and yet lived, Rev. 13:14 that is that the way of life have arranged such as in an empire of a red dragon: have fited it the laws, concepts, belief, convictions, authority, etc., to obey to the same authority, that in an empire of a red dragon. This will not be made by Christians, for what supporters of the beast will be killed and persecuted them.

137. The beast out of the bottomless pit will insert the spirit* in an empire, created according to its image, Rev. 13:15.

The spirit, certainly, will be unclean wherefore it will insert the Satan in restored (and recreated according to an image of a red kingdom) the world empire of the antichrist. This spirit will impregnate" people living at that time, except for true Christians. So, to the Christian living at that time the Gentiles deceived by miracles will tell: Did you really are not convinced by great signs and wonders what the Christ has come? Its not enough to kill you for it . Who will not obey to spirit dominating over that empire and its management that man will kill. And to recognize it will be necessary the antichrist (that he is the God), that there has come a 1000-years kingdom (actually 42 months of authority of the antichrist); that fornicators, magicians and other sinners to punish it is not necessary (to them ostensibly it is necessary to render "mercy"); that it is possible to have wives so many, how many the person is able to support (will restore the orders that ostensibly were in days of Abraham). That commandments God's to maintain it is not necessary any more, wherefore those who keeps them are lawyers, and the epoch of the Law, they claim, has passed and now freedom That all people will be saved because the God is love and cannot to convict to torment; that believing people (including the Christians) anything to do it is not necessary, because the God has made all instead of them; that the God has forgiven to people all sins: present, last and the future sins (so will not recover for them); that a sin can be forgotten" simply; what to judge it is not necessary anybody for as never because Judge not, that you be not judged . They claim, let each person does, that wants, and implements himself. That in fate believe apparently only calvinists ; they claim that are saved not only true Christians, but on a broader scale people from any religion; what to worship to images it is possible and that it is necessary to worship to the image of the governor of that empire (actually to the antichrist), and also to his angels (that is in the guise of angels,- to evil spirits); That murderers and thieves should supposedly to reproach with it and to rebuke them and to show to them "compassion", etc., etc. the doctrine of the antichrist. The given doctrine of the antichrist will be to profess in the majority of churches of that time.

The note: * expression from the Russian Bible.

138. The mark in a right hand, Rev. 13:16.

Or in a forehead; it will be necessary to all without exception to people on over the Earth. The mark will be two kinds: either a name of the beast, or the number of his name, Rev. 13:17. Without the mark it will be impossible for anybody neither to buy, nor to sell in an empire of the antichrist; accepted the mark will go to destruction, Rev. 14:11. Christians will refuse to accept the mark, for what will kill them.

139. The number of the beast is 666.

It is impossible to manage without wisdom, that to know in what it lies in, Rev. 13:18. The Spirit Holy advises having mind: count this number. Any name written in Greek or in Jewish way can be expressed in a digital kind. Greeks did not have Arabian figures existing now, and they used letters: so, the first letter of the Greek alphabet (that is "alpha") means one; the second letter of the Greek alphabet which is beta means the two; the third letter of the Greek alphabet that is "gamma" means a three and so on. Then, the tenth letter under the account means 10, the eleventh means 20; the twelfth meant 30 and so on, up to 100. One hundred was written by means of the nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Further, the twentieth letter meant 200; the twenty first letter meant 300, twenty second - 400

It is possible to write down any name, and at each of letters of this name to put in figure correspond with this letter: a line of figures will turn out. It is necessary "to count" these figures (count the number) that are find total. Having found the sum of these figures, we shall receive the number of a name . Thus we can check up a name of any governor and if we shall get the sum equal 666, bearer of this name (or of a surname) is antichrist. To do it should in Greek or in Jewish wherefore only these languages are mentioned in the book of Revelation in connection with names, Rev. 9:11. It should not to forget, that an empire with ten tsars (an empire of the beast) in many respects similarly to the Greek state, see.d.e.130 point 1. Including the alphabet of this state is similar Greek, and that is why: in the tenth century there lived two native brothers Cyril and Methodius, they were Greeks and were nurtured at a court yard of the byzantian emperor. Cyril has aimed to create the Slavonic alphabet. Methodius was his assistants in this work. They represented Slavonic words and expressions by the Greek letters (slavs yet had no then writing). The alphabet made by Cyril began to refer to as "cyrillics". So there was a Russian writing which alphabet almost completely coincides with Greek. Such alphabet has existed down to Peters I epoch at which some changes (i.e. reform) in spelling have been made. Similarity of the Russian alphabet enables to check up this or that name (surname) and in Russian, true with approximate result. Christians will refuse to accept number 666, for what will kill them.