14 chapter of the book of Revelation

14 chapter of the book of Revelation

140. A Lamb stood on the mount Zion, Rev. 14:1.

1. Here means Coming of the Jesus Christ which will follow the events described in 13 chapter of the book of Revelation (except for Rev.13:5 where are mentioned 42 months of authority of a beast wherefore by time of Coming there will pass only half from them).

2. At Coming of the Lord there will be the Catching up including 144 thousand firstborns of Israel which by time of Coming by time will be already sealed and after Catching up will be with Jesus on the mount Zion that is in Heavenly City; under the name of "mount Zion" here is meant the Heavenly City of Jerusalem, Heb. 12:22.

And I heard a voice from heaven , Rev. 14:2 - will hear a voice from the heaven and Apostle John (together with the brother James, Rev. 11:12). They will hear words: Come up hither and will ascend up to heaven together with others caughted up where will hear a voice of harpers: in Heavens at that time there will be a great celebration, occasions for which will be much: 1) Will be pleased and rejoiced, that long-awaited Coming of Jesus was made; 2) that they have risen from dead; 3) that Catching up was made; 4) that the Lord reigneth; 5) that there has come the 1000-years Kingdom of Jesus; 6) that they have appeared on a marriage feast, Mat.25:10, Rev.19:6, 7. 7) That were transfigured, have received new bodies and became as Angels, Luke 20:35,36

141. They which were not defiled with womens , Rev. 14:4.

Defiling of husbands with their wives happens in such cases:

1. If the husband lies with neighbours wife, Leviticus, 18:20.

2. If marries the any that is near of kin to him, Leviticus, 18:6-17.

3. If a man put away his wife and she go from him to another man and after that he will return to heragain, Jeremiah, 3:1.

4. If approaches to the wife during menstruation, Leviticus, 18:19.

5. One more kind of defiling with the wife: it is mentioned in the Epistle to Romans, 1:24, 26.

Anything such those who is a part of 144 thousand firstborns of Jesus have not defiled. About them it is told, that they are without fault, Rev. 14:5, and it includes also such requirements: it is possible to be the husband only one wife, Titus 1:6 (anybody from entering into 144 thousand is not bigamy); should not marry the widow or dissolved, Ezek. 44:22. Defiling of a flesh is authorized neither in the Old Testament, nor in New, Jude, 8.

Secondly, with women are defiled not only of the flesh, but also spiritually: if the wife talks heart of the husband into other gods (1Ki. 11:4) wherefore from idols there is a defiling, Jer.2:23, Ezek. 23:30. In last of these places of the Scripture idols of various people (i.e. their convictions) are mentioned; to accept to itself their belief refers to as whoredom, it is infidelity towards the Christ which is named by " the one Husband and the true and blameless Church is named chaste virgin, 2Cor 11:2, Eph. 5:27. Ten virgins apply for a rank of pure virgins, as is known, Mat.25:1. However, only half of them is justified this rank, Mat. 25:2. Members of these churches (from among the wise Virgins) can enter into number of 144 thousand firstborns of Israel, if thus they: 1) were not defiled with women physically, see points 1 - 5 above; 2) were not defiled by alien doctrines of womens (i.e. alien doctrines of the foolish virgins) and relations with them. Origining from wise virgins and not soiled physical and spiritual fornication names "virgins" in Rev.14:4. 3) If enter into number of kindreds of Israel (except for kindred Manasses, see d.e.73). Certainly, into number of 144 thousand can enter and those who had no the wife at all. Marriage in itself is not pollution, it was established by the God and marriage between the husband and wife serves as a prototype of marriage between the Christ and Church (Ephesians, 5:24-32).

142. Another Angel with everlasting gospel, Rev. 14:6.

Signs of the Angel:

1. Flies in the midst of heaven, as in Rev. 8:13, see.d.e.84 where it is explained, that this is the Lord.

2. Proclaims approach of judgment of God; but in Mat.12:18 it is told, that judgment will show to the Gentiles the Christ (and anybody another).

3. It is named by another Angel. As it has been already shown (see d.e. 72, 78) in image of "another Angel the Lord Jesus is meant.

4. He has eternal gospels. The author of gospels - the Lord; exactly he for the first time has proclaimed it on the ground, ark 1:14, 15 and consequently is the messenger (in Greek: an angel). The Lord will proclaim that there has come the hour of his judgment. If people were frightened of the Lord both have rendered to him glory and have worshiped to him they could avoid disasters that shall come to the Universe. Announcing of judgment - at a trumpet of the fourth Archangel at which the Angel flying through the midst of heaven is visible, Rev. 8:13 (that is mentioned here, see point 1 above). Announcing of judgment will be for some months before Coming.

143. And there followed another Angel , Rev. 14:8.

In the original: the SECOND ANGEL followed him, Rev.14:8 that is after announcing of judgment by Jesus the Second Angel (one of seven, the second by seniority, that is Angel Gabriel) will follow. At a trumpet of the Second Angel there will be a falling of Babylon, the main city of Gentiles which will be burnt by fire, see.d.e.81. It just is proclaimed by the given Angel, Rev. 14:8.

2. From words of the Angel it is visible, that Babylon has fallen also spiritually: because she made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication that is there became the vicious spiritual center (city of Jerusalem) and all people have accepted its defiled by idolatry and infidelity the doctrine. The given spiritual center will be burnt with fire by 10 kings of the antichrist, Rev. 17:16, 12 while in point 1( see above) it is spoken about burning of the future " capital of the World from which will "rule" antichrist. Burning of Jerusalem (and its spiritual center) will occur after Announcing of judgment, see d.e.142. The capital of the antichrist will be burnt in 3 years after burning Jerusalem with its spiritual center: it is two different courts above two different cities, at different times.

144. And the Third Angel followed them , Rev. 14:9.

The judgment on the ground will occur at trumpet voices of the third, second and first Angels (i.e. Archangels). At the third Angel the wine of the wrath of God into the cup of his indignation is promised, Rev. 14:10. At a trumpet of the third Angel the three first vials of the wrath will be poured out: that, what causes severe purulent wounds, Rev. 16:2; also blood of the dead man, Rev. 16:3 and blood in sources of water, Rev. 16:4. These wounds will be on the men who worshipped to the beast and his image. The voice of a trumpet of the Third Archangel will sound already after Coming (and after Catching up) as, though, and trumpets of the Second and First Archangels. Church among these people who have accepted the mark any more will not be. Those which worshipped to the antichrist will be tormented "for ever and ever".

145. Here is the patience of the saints (which believe in Jesus), Rev. 14:12.

Certainly, during trumpets of the Third and Second Archangels any saints in an empire of the antichrist any more will not be. However the period when will put in the mark, will begin a little before these trumpets, even before Coming when supporters of antichrist will be to force Christians to worship to the antichrist and to accept the mark, a brand of his name on a forehead or on a right hand. For saints who believe in Jesus it is necessary to get through all this. It will be when another beast (see.d.e.135) will came up out of the earth and when "locusts" will appear.

146. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Rev. 14:13

After coming the antichrist he, together with "locusts" (that is with fallen angels) within 5 months will deceive all earth (including saints Christians) that he is the God, see.d.e.90. To convince the population of the Earth, that he is just the Christ, he will give the instruction to a demon named Death, Rev. 6:8 that he SHOULD NOT DESTROY people within these five months. People in all countries and cities will cease to die, Rev. 9:6, see also d.e.91. Such miracle will strongly influence those who were Christians only under the name: they will believe to the antichrist and by that will definitely come off from the Christ. After these five months the Lord will deliver the saints Christians who have resisted in faith of tempting and they will leave an empire of the antichrist and will be far from him, see.d.e.94, 127. After exod of people of God the Satan will cancel the miracle and people again begin to die. But those who have accepted Satan instead of the Christ - will not be blessed: dying, they will go to the Hell. Therefore the Spirit speaks: Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth, Rev. 14:13. From henceforth is when those five months (when death will not be) will terminate. Dying in the Lord are those who will keep faithfulness to the Lord Jesus even in those evil days.

They may rest from their works . Their work was evangelization which soon after those five months of "locusts" will end, Joel 2:2, 10-12; Mat. 24:14; then they will receive the award for their works, Mat.20: 8.

147. And upon the cloud one satand in his hand a sharp sickle, Rev.14:14.

"Cloud" this is set of Angels of God, Heb. 12:1, see also d.e.7. To sit " means to reign, be the chief , Rev.17:3, 18 that is before us the chief above Angels of God whom the Archangel Michael, as is known, is, Rev. 12:7. In a hand at him a sickle to harvest so he is a reaper. The Lord has told that reapers are the Angels, Mat. 13:39 which will be sent by Jesus for a harvest at the end of the world. So, before us is the Archangel Michael with a sickle. To Michael gives an order another Angel , Rev. 14:15, that is Jesus (see d.e. 72, 78) speaking, that time of the harvest has come, and the harvest of the earth is ripe, and that Michael shall harvest. Michael (and his Angels) will harvest the ground, Rev.14:16. In this case they will gather wheat in a barn of Jesus, Mat. 13:30. It is a question of the good seed, about the children of the kingdom, Mat.13:38, which will be gathered from the earth (by Catching up) in barn of God, that is in Heavenly City. Thus the Lord, it is told, will come out of the temple , Rev. 14:15. It means that Jesus any more will not be among seven churches as it was in all history of Christianity, Rev.2:1, 1:13. These seven types of churches represented themselves the Temple of God, 1Cor. 3:16, see also d.e. 103. However Jesus promised to be with us always, even unto the end of the world , Mat. 28:20; and when there will come the end of the world, that is a harvest, Mat. 13:39, Jesus already will leave a temple (will not go any more among seven churches on the ground) but will say to the Archangel Michael to caught up Church on Heaven.

148. The great winepress of the wrath of God, Rev. 14:19.

The harvest is not only for saints, but also for ungodly men, Mat. 13:40, 41; it will come, when the Temple, that is Church of God (1Cor. 3:16) already is in heaven, Rev. 14:17 (it will be already caughted up). Command to the reaper (i.e. to the Angel with a sickle, Rev. 14:17) will give another Angel which has power over fire. In the image of another Angel means Jesus, see d.e. 72, 78. In this case it once again proves to be true, wherefore power over fire has Jesus, Dan. 3:24, 25. Ungodly men are presented in the form of berries of grapes, as opposed to saints, which are presented in image of wheats. These grapes will be trampled in the great winepress of wrath of God that is in his Day of wrath, during outpouring vials of wrath on the world of ungodly men. The power of Jesus over fire is mentioned not casually wherefore present heavens and the earth are reserved unto fire against the Day of Judgment and perdition of ungodly men, 2Pet. 3:7. This fire will be poured out in the form of an overflowing rain consisting of fire and brimstone (Luke 17:29, 30) and also a hailstones and fire mixed with blood, Rev. 8:7; a hailstones evry stone of which about the weight of a talent (i.e. about 30 kg), Rev.16:21, and the hailstones will be stone, (Ezekiel 38:22). By this hailstones army of the antichrist and people which with him will be transformed into mush; blood will spilled by the space of 1600 stages, that is 300 kilometers (or 185 miles), Rev. 14:20, See also d.e. 114, 121.