17 chapter of the book of Revelation

17 chapter of the book of Revelation

166. The judgment of the great whore, Rev.17:1.

Visions of the book of Revelation showed apostle To John one of seven Archangels. The harlot sits upon many waters that is on many peoples, Rev.17:15. But the judgment over peoples has been already proclaimed, see.d.e.157-165. Then why the judgment of the harlot is shown separately and who is she? In general fornication here means spiritual (cannot in fact all population of the ground commit whoredom with the only woman). The harlot has a wine, and it specifies her church origin so her fornication is an infidelity of this woman in the sight of the Lord or, is more exact infidelity of the given church in the sight of the Lord. Believing people is often presented in Bible in the form of a woman. If it is a question about pure and saint Gods people (i.e. about pure church without heresy) that such are named by " wise virgins Mat.25:4; Ps.45:14, 15; 2Cor.11:2. If it is a question of unfaithful church before the God which for a long time has retreat from the God such is calls as the harlot (see Ezek. 23:1-4 and further, about Jerusalem, Ezek. 23:11,18) and for this unfaithful the God will judge, Ezek. 23:24,25. This woman sits on a scarlet beast , Rev.17:3 (and the beast is the same red dragon, Rev.12:3).

167. A scarlet coloured beast, Rev.17:3.

Details: has 7 heads and 10 horns, that is here means an empire on the ground, Dan, 7:7,23 from which there will be 10 tsars. After them there will be still the eleventh under the account which will humiliate three previous governors that were up to him, Dan.7:24 and he will become the antichrist, Dan.7:25, 26, see also d.e.130. In 12th chapter the book of Revelations this beast having 10 horns is named "red", Rev.12:3 (i.e. the empire of a beast is named "red"). This red empire will have blasphemous names for example: ETERNAL, INVINCIBLE, INDESTRUCTIBLE and other like that. Spiritual needs of this empire are satisfied by means of a whorish woman (i.e. unclean church in this state).

168. A golden cup in a hand of the woman, Rev.17:4.

"Ideology" of data of " red Empire is changeable: for example, one of its tsars will humiliate three governors that were up to him and will speak and operate not how they, Dan.7:24. Babylon hath been a golden cup in the Lords hand that made all the earth drunken: the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad , Jer. 51:7. The doctrine of that church in this Empire differs also its Babylonian idea: association of all existing variegated religions. However the church cup of this church outside shining as gold, is inside full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication. External shine are expensive materials of "apparelings" of her ministers, gold and precious stones of her relics, settings and altars. However the internal, intrachurch life and in general a life of her members differs of abominations and filthiness.


The given unfaithful church, see.d.e.168 is mother of harlots just because was born before all harlots who ever only existed on the ground wherefore very first of all was fornication against the God. That is at first there was the infidelity towards the God which has generated then concrete harlots and fornicators. The harlot is named "GREAT" that is it is a question of great church, but, certainly, unfaithful. On top of everything else she has defiled herself also with her idols, Ezek. 23:30.

170. The woman drunken with the blood of the saints , Rev.17:6.

It is difficult to imagine church which would kill saints, spilling their blood and, nevertheless, such church exists: many ruined lives serves as an example. These are they whom so called saint inquisition has touched on. There is an objection, that the red state, they say does not carry the Roman church , there there is another church. However this "another church" too comes from Byzantium (i.e. from east part of Roman Empire). Besides their reunion - not far off and in uniform Babylon will be both that, and "another".

171. The mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, Rev.17:7.

In vision the red state has been shown to Apostle John such what it will be when shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, Rev.17:8 . At that time the bottomless pit will be left with power of Death of the devil and "will transfigure" the world union of the states (in structure of which there will be also a red state) into the manner, in accordance with an image of the beast, that is in accordance with an image of the former pagan empire of Rome that persecuted Christians. Roman Empire was, and is not and will appear again. The same concerns and to the state of a red dragon: it was; now it is not and it will appear again. When will appear the corporate (= Babylonian) state then it will "carry" whorish church (too corporate or joint).

172. Seven mountains on which the woman sitteth, Rev.17:9.

The woman who was seen by John is the great city reigning over kings of the earth, Rev.17:18. In days of apostle John such city was Rome located on seven hills. But seven heads of the beast mean and seven kings of this Roman Empire from whom, as it is told to John, five already have fallen and during reception of the Revelation by John there was only one that governed at that time. This governor was emperor Domitsian. He was the sixth emperor of Roman Empire. So, the whorish church comes from city which in days of Apostle John was dominating in an empire.

173. The beast out of the bottomless pit, Rev 17:11

Word "beast" means not only "empire", but also king of this empire, Dan.7:17, in this case antichrist. He (antichrist) will be of the seven . In the book of the prophet Daniel are mentioned ten kings after whom other will rise, distinct from former and will subdue three kings previous to him, Dan.7:24. Remained seven are those about whom it is spoken in Rev.17:11. It means that one of these seven will reign repeatedly in the empire of red dragon. He will go into perdition (and he is antichrist). We shall draw conclusions:

1. above there was a speech about the state which became the legal successor of Roman Empire, see d.e.131.

2. Since then as the given state began to be called "red" of it there will be ten governors.

3. After them the eleventh will rise and will humiliating respond about three governors that were before him. Feature this eleventh that he already governed in red empire (was one of seven former kings).

4. The eleventh will head this not only a red empire, but also an empire of Satan of last time, restored in accordance with the sample of former empire of Rome and become by its successor.

174. Ten kings of the beast, Rev.17:12.

In the book of the prophet of Daniel earthly empires have been shown in the form of great image, Dan. 2:31-33 the explanation also is given: Dan. 2:36-41, where:

The empire divided is Roman Empire divided into east and western its parts. It is symbolisen with the legs of the idol standing separately from each other.

Ten fingers on foots are meant by ten kings of the latest time, - the idol terminates in them. It is necessary to not confuse these ten kings with mentioned in d.e.173: those reigned in the state which is the predecessor of an empire of the antichrist, and that are mentioned in the given entry will reign in the empire of the antichrist, together with him. Five of them - kings of east and others five western kings. They will transfer the authority to the antichrist that he be the head in an empire, Rev.17:13. They think also as well as antichrist, and will reign together with him for one hour , Rev.17:12, that is 42 months, Rev.13:5.

175. Anti-Christ and his ten kings shall make war with the Lamb, Rev. 17:14

After the termination of those of 42 months of authority of a beast, they will collect the armies to battle with Jesus; it is fight the Armageddon, Rev. 19:19, see also d.e. 164. Will occur described in Rev.19:11-21.

176. Ten kings shall hate the whore, Rev.17:16.

Signs of that time: 1) Authority - Roman, see d.e. 5,171-173, that is the restored Roman Empire.

2) The indispensable participant and the organizer of Empire - the red state.

3) The spiritual center of Empire is commonly - Babylonian the universal church (and she is the harlot).

4) The location of the spiritual center - Jerusalem (so-called city of three religions).

5) Structure of empire: of ten main state-participants. During becoming of Empire (when the beast only leaves the sea, Rev.13:1) nniversal-Babylonian the church will be necessary to 10 kings for consolidation of public opinion and as the tool for struggle against saints Christians. At this time the harlot will luxuriate, Rev.18:7. Despite of great tribulation at ministers of that "church" will be flour and oil, both wine and sheeps and other cattle, Rev.18:13. Management of the church will be realized out from Jerusalem where big material mammons will be saved up by her, Rev.18:12, 16, and 17. At this time those who will not want to accept the doctrine of this church (that is true Christians) will be persecuted severely. The doctrine is described in d.e. 137. However after Jesus will give protection to true Christians (Luke 18:8) and they will leave from the face of the antichrist (Rev.12:14) needs to support and feed the harlot at the antichrist any more will not be, she becomes for him and for his ten kings a unnecessary ballast from which they will want to be released. The further is described by a figurative language in the book of prophet Ezekiel, 23:4, and 22-35. They will begin to hate whorish church that to leave from under her influence. Will surround the city of Jerusalem with armies, Ezek.23:24, Zech.14:2, Luke 12:20, will grasp it, despite of protests of Israel and will plunder houses, will ruin city and will burn it by fire, Rev.17:16, Ezek.23:25 also will turn the city into ruins, Ps.79:1. Jerusalem will come in desolation, Luke 21:20 in it heathen will manage, Luke 21:24 and so will be in continuation of 42 months, Rev.11:2 while will reign antichrist.