22 chapter of the book of Revelation

22 chapter of the book of Revelation

194. The Tree of a life yielded her fruit every month , Rev.22:2.

When saints will be already in heavenly City, the tree of the Life EVERY MONTH will yield fruit that is time will go as normal: people will be, as before to count days, months. This place of the Scripture refutes a popular delusion that there will be no time as itself and that (as they claim) there will come eternity . However there will come not eternity, but Regeneration, Mat.19:28. Will count also years (see Rev.20:7) and not only months. Ignorant people referred on Rev.10:6 that time any more will not be, but there the word "Time" is used in meaning of strictly measured time interval (see d.e. 3) which, will naturally come to an end.

195. Leaves of the tree of life - for the healing of the nations, Rev.22:2.

After judgments Gods on the ground, such as Great earthquake and an overflowing rain fiery (see d.e. 114,165) on the ground survives many pagans (about third of present population of the Earth). During judgments Gods they will accept the God true but as any day in the life they have not devoted to service of God, then cannot enter into heavenly City. They will live on the ground, as before. The Lord for all of them will prolong a life till 100 years (see Isaiah 65:17-20). But as they did not conclude the Testament with the Lord, did not accept saint water baptism and never were members of Church, then of everlasting life they have no. They will live in the same bodies of a flesh and blood and consequently will be subject to illnesses. Fruits from a tree of the Life will be for those who has everlasting life (Gen.3:22) for living in heavenly City. And leaves from the tree of Life will take out from City and will give to former pagans and their descendants that they shall recover from the illnesses;

2. has also spiritual meaning: wisdom is a tree of life, Proverbs 3:13-18. To be saved from spiritual decomposition former pagans can, only if will be study wisdom of Word of God: such study will be in 1000-years Kingdom.

196. And there shall be no more curse , Rev.22:3.

At the moment of a writing of this book the curse was much: cursed is the ground, Gen.3:17. Thorns also thistles and various other weeds are confirmation to that, but not only: also every possible wreckers here concern: beetles, caterpillars, worms, fleas, lice, mice, rats, moth, a plant louse, intestinal and many other things parasites, including pathogenic microbes and others. A significant part of the population make being under damnation. These are those who make the affairs described in Deut. 27:15-25. Their end is specified in Mat.25:41. Anything of it in 1000-years Kingdom of the Christ will not be (Mat.13:41, Isaiah 4:4) wherefore the Lord will clear* the ground and people, Deut. 32:43, Mat. 3:12.

The note: * like this in Russian Bible.

197. And they shall see his face , Rev.22:4.

It will be able those who is the pure in heart, Mat.5:8, they will see the God. Before the Lord saw only Moseses (Num.12:8) prophet Isaiah, 6:1, David the king (Ps.63:2), the holy Job, 42:5 and some other has seen Lord. But then it was imperfect, and they could not behold quite face of the Lord, Ex.33:20-23. But In Heavenly City saved people shall see him openly as he is, 1John 3:2.

198. And they shall reign for ever and ever , Rev.22:5.

Time after 1000-years Kingdom here means. The great period "GENESIS" will end, when the Christ shall reign and will sit down on the throne. With accession of the Christ begins the new period named REGENERATION, Mat.19:28. The period Genesis for today totals almost 42 thousand years, starting from "the Beginning" (see Gen.1:1, John 1:1). The following such period (named by Lord Regeneration) too has duration in 42 thousand years. See in addition d.e.100.

199. Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book, Rev. 22:7.

To observe it is possible only then if you understand these prophesies. In the given Interpretation the explanation of prophesies is given, also them it is necessary to fulfill and observe to each Christian. Without observance of these prophesies of bliss will not be in their life.

200. For the time is at hand , Rev.22:10.

The Scripture repeatedly warns us about proximity of time, Rev.1:3. About proximity of all future events mentioned in the given book wishes to warn and the author of given "Interpretation": as a result of research of the Bible by him it is found that the middle of the last but one calendar week to fall to September, 28th and 2008. Certainly, this date has no relation to Coming our Lord and Savior of Jesus Christ.

Also it is found by him that the end specified week is in March, 29th and 2012, and this date too is not date of Coming of the Lord wherefore ahead still there will be such events as signs in the sun, the moon and stars, Luke 21:25, coming of the antichrist, murder of two Prophets, Rev.11:7 and some other. Explanation the conception of week is given in the Note to d.e. 106.

201. Blessed are they that do his commandments, Rev.22:14.

Commandments Gods should observe and fulfill them. To give his reward the Lord will be to everyone according as his work shall be, Rev.22:12, instead of according tohis words. He will reward by a principle specified in the Epistle to Romans, 2:6-8. It is necessary to do a good constantly, and not just incidentally. We warn, that according to the doctrine of the antichrist, commandments Gods to fulfill it is not necessary, wherefore he who fulfill them is lawyer, and the epoch of the Law has already passed. But the Lord speaks that if who does not fulfill his word, that man reckless which has constructed the house on sand, Mat.7:26.

Let construct your house on a stone, on the Christ, Mat.7:24 while there is time, Dan.11:35.

202. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters , Rev.22:15;

And also everyone loving and making a lie. The word "sorcerer" in the original of Scripture is transferred by a word, which root sounds as "pharmacy" (in Russian "drugstore"), and the word: "druggists" in sense using pharmaceutical medicines . This group of people now refers to as a modern word "drug addicts" which level with sorcerers are included into the list of men that goes in perdition. Idolaters worship to the idols. But to worship it is impossible for anybody from people, even to apostles, Acts 10:25, 26 and even to Angels, Rev. 22:8, 9, but only to one God, Mat.4:10. MARANATHA, 1Cor.16:22. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Amen.