Section 19. What is the time on clock God's?. Last invitation

Section 19. What is the time on clock God's?. Last invitation

Watchman, what of the night? The watchman said:

The morning comes, and also the night: if you

will inquire, inquire you: return,

come , Isaiah, 21:12.

In this section we are going to answer last question, i.e. WHAT IS THE TIME ACCORDING TO CLOCK GOD'S? For this purpose we need to remember the section content One hour on clock God's, one of the first sections of this book (it is better to read anew it). By means of many places of the Scripture, in this section it is shown, that ONE HOUR is the heavenly measure used on clock God's, Rev.8:1, 17:12, Mat.20:12, etc. In recalculation for our earthly time one hour means 42 months or three and a half a year. Till the end of the working day described in 20th chapter of the gospel of St. Matthew, remains, as we already know from the previous section, about 4 years. The end of the working day corresponds to 12 hours on clock God's. It is not difficult to see, that four remained years are less than two hours, one hour is more exact. So much time remains till the end of the working day. It means that on clock God's now its 11 oclock in the evening!

Those who according to expression of prophet Isaiah will inquire (insistently ask) now have the answer. But to you asking, the Word Lord's also speaks, that you were converted and CAME. From what it is necessary to be returned? To understand written in this book, it is necessary to be returned (or converted) from ignorant opinion which occurs now about the Bible. In our book a lot of attention has been given exposure of incorrect approaches to the Bible, wrong interpretation of texts of the Bible and false, misleading sermons which are quite often said in our meetings. Now, when our eyes are opened, and we have seen the real state of affairs, we should leave any error and be converted from human ignorance to wisdom God's, to be among wise virgins. The word "return" means full change in human life, including the believer when the person resolutely refuses all become outdated and become obsolete. Certainly, that to offend nobody in this book we use too soft words and expressions in relation to different sorts of errors, however the Word God's very strictly judges ignorance and senselessness. So, prophet Isaiah, speaking about pagans *, calls them that they went to eat, i.e. to be sated with a pure Word God's: All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, you, all ye beasts in the forest. His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber... And they are shepherds that cannot understand..., Isaiah, 56:9-11. In the beginning of this section words of the Scripture about the watchman and his answer where the watchman speaks to all of us that we were converted and came, Is.21:12. He/she is the good watchman who is on guard, besides at night, and warns the people God's. For that he and the watchman to know time, and if who asks to answer. But it is not enough such watchmen, their majority as we have just read, like to sleep, i.e. are not awake: why to us the nobility, what of the night , - think they. Therefore, if somebody asks them about time, they will not answer. All of them mute, speaks the Word God's. Whether they are able to answer? After all they are ignorant, - speaks the Word God's. A word ignorant means does not know, i.e. knows nothing. Besides, they cannot bark , i.e. can warn nobody about approach of this or that hour. Perhaps, they would learn it, but the spiritual blindness does not allow to see a correct way, they are blind , - speaks the Word God's. In vain we will ask them: the watchman, tell us what of the night? . The only thing that it is possible to hear from them, is nonsense. They lying down, and they are shepherds senseless, that cannot understand speaks about those watchmen the Word God's.

And it is really, unless there is a sense in that throughout decades of years to print the image of a clock with hands five to 12? Doing it can answer nothing to your question: what is the time according to clock God's? Time has come to be returned by all from crazy fabrications and to accept the true doctrine verified with the Bible about time for clock God's. I speak it not from human wisdom, but the words studied from Holy Spirit, 1 Pet. 4:11, 1Thes. 2:13.


... For now is our salvation nearer

than when we believed , Rom.13:11.

So, salvation God's nowadays to us became even closer. It because hands of the God's clock do not stands idle. In a current of the day described in 20th chapter of the gospel of St. Matthew, the Owner of the house, the Lord already some times left to employ workers in the vineyard. First time he has made it early in the morning, Mat.20:1. The second invitation was about the third hour, Mat.20:3 then the Lord left to invite in a vineyard twice more: about the sixth and ninth hour, Mat.20:5. Once again having come back to 20th chapter of the gospel of St. Matthew, we already understand that the working day described in it yet has not ended for today, as there is still a possibility to work in a vineyard God's. We also understand that the most part of day has already passed (about it we already spoke in section By the New way. From the previous section we also have learnt, that till the end of "working day" remains about an hour. In turn it means that the first invitation has passed for a long time already. In the past already as well are the second, and the third invitation. The fourth invitation which was about 9 hours though was recently, but too already behind. However one invitation, the fifth under the account, which about the eleventh hour, STILL AHEAD! Hence, at present the Lord leaves last time to make last invitation! I think that our hearts are filled with pleasure from that consciousness, that all of us can become participants of this stirring event. However, it is necessary to have time to make much, at least that this message about forthcoming last invitation has been extended among Christians and has reached many hearts. Certainly, the Lord will make the invitation how it is necessary for him, wherefore it is not difficult for him to make it through many or few men. It is joyful to realize and that now all interested persons can already take part in affair of distribution of this message. Last invitation means, that after it the Lord will not call more any more, but ahead there are only the events previous His Coming. Certainly, we not only should transfer this message, but also to respond to an appeal God's, and this appeal says: go you also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall you receive, Mat.20:7. For the vineyard of the Lord is the house of Israel, Is.5:7. Now evangelism for Israel is conducted in appreciable scales. I talked to one missionary, the young man from Portugal: I have decided to leave Africa, - he has told, - to get over to Israel and that to preach among Jews as in Africa missionaries already it is enough, and in Israel it is not enough . However now position changes for the better, and to Israel go more and more Gospels ecclesiasts. The preaching in Israel has already led to renewal of the Jewish Christian communities. The greatest number converted among Jews will be during Great tribulation. At that time will be testifying and two Prophets, whom the Lord promised to, send on the earth, Rev.11:3. In the days of their prophecy the rain on the earth will not be, Rev.11:6. It is dried up many rivers and streams, it is hunger time. Israel will be accepted by the God when the number of the Gentiles will be added, Rom.11:25, shortly before Coming of the Lord, 1Thes.4:15 which after great tribulation, Mat.24:29, 30. Soon after resurrection of the dead will occur also the Catching up, 1Thes.4:17, Rev.11:12 (in the evening of the same day). The Catching up will be after great tribulation; Israel will take part in Catching up also, but firstborns from accepted, 12000 from each knee of Israel, Rev.7:4 will be caught up only. Great tribulation begins at the end of that "working day" that is mentioned in Mat.20th chapter. In the end of that day times of salvation for pagans will end, Rom.11:25 and will come time of salvation of Israel, which all will be is accepted by the Lord, Joel.3:16, 17; Rom.11:26. Soon after the beginning of week of Daniel for the Testament conclusion good luck possibilities any more will not be. In the middle of the specified week there will be also a resurrection from the dead, 1 Thes.4:16, 1 Cor.15:52. They will rise, obeying a voice of the Son God's, John.5:28. The voice of Son of God, resurrection of the dead, acceptance of Israel - all these events will occur at the end of this world then time any more will not be, Rev.10:6. At the end of the world will speak also seven thunders which are understood as voices of seven trumpets (among them and last trumpet).

It is necessary to remind, that at first there will be a coming not the Christ, but antichrist: 2 Thes.2:9. Anti-Christ will pass itself off as the God, 2 Thes.2:4. Many of believers will believe this lie, therefore will be denounced, 2 Thes.2:11. The problem to identify of antichrist will be presented before face of each believer. After a while after coming of antichrist the real Coming of the Christ, 2Thes.2:8 will take place. Not resisted believers that will believe and will worship to antichrist, will not be caught up: after Catching up of Church they remain with antichrist and together with it will test on itself seven the vials of the wrath of God which will be poured out by Gods Angels, Rev.2:23; 16:2. The people accepted of Anti-Christ and worshipping to him, will perish and will be denounced for eternal torment, Rev.14:9-11. Together with antichrist its troops or a locusts (about which already it has been told above, see section 11) will appear also. The phenomenon of troops of Satan is described in Revelation in 9th chapter, and in the book of the prophet of Joel, 2nd chapter. These troops will come in the guise of angels God's in order people have believed them. After coming of antichrist and his armies to accept of the Christ and be saved, according to the Word God's, still probably, is however practically strongly complicated. However, before Catching up still there will be time. Those who will refuse to worship to the antichrist and do not recognize him as the God, will be saved, if thus are converted to the true God in fast, lamentation and weeping, Joel, 2:12. But coming of antichrist will be with all power and signs and lying wonders, 2Thes.2:9. In such conditions some of the very elect will be deceived even, Mat.24:24. How in such conditions to be converted to people from the world? Soon after resurrection of the dead and Catching up, seven vials of wrath of God will be poured out and save possibility, of course, any more will not be. Anti-Christ, his army and the people who have believed him will persecute those who will not want to worship him, Rev.13:15. This is time of war with saints, Rev.12:7, time of addition of full number of pagans. This war with the saints will end with murder of some of them, Rev.11:7; 16:6. Two prophets whom the God will send on the earth will be killed also, but through three and a half a day they will rise, Rev.11:11. Resurrection of saints and their Catching up almost coincides in time with removal of the seventh seals from the Book of life. Shortly before removal of this of 7 seals the trumpet of 4th Angel proclaiming approach of the real end of the world and Judgment God's over this world will sound. The sun, the moon and stars, Rev.8:12 will thus be eclipsed. The beginning next week of Daniel almost coincides with the end of the working day considered by us (see Mat. 20th chapter). According to a civil calendar there will be a spring 2012, this is time of the beginning of week, and then till the end of "working day" there will be some months.