(by years before Christ)



Creation of Adam*

4001 BC

Birth of Seth, son of Adam

3871 BC

Birth of Enos, grandson of Adam

3766 - "-" -

Birth of Cainan, great-grandson of Adam

3676 - "-" -

Birth of the Enoch

3379 - "-" -

Birth of Noah

2945 - "-" -

Birth of Shem, the son of Noah

2443 - "-" -

The flood beginning

17 date of 2 month ** 2345 BC

The flood end

27 date of 2 month 2344 BC

Birth of Arphaxad, the son of Shem

2342 - "-" -

Birth of Peleg, year of division of the earth

2243 - "-" -

Birth of Abraham

2052 - "-" -

Birth of Ishmael

1966 - "-" -

Circumcision introduction

1953 - "-" -

Birth of Isaac, the son of Abraham

1952 - "-" -

Meeting of Abraham with three men, Gen.18:2

1953 - "-" -

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

1953 - "-" -

Birth of Jacob

1892 - "-" -

Death of Abraham

1877 - "-" -

Flight of Jacob to Mesopotamia to the Laban

1823 - "-" -

Returning of Jacob from Mesopotamia

1803 - "-" -

Joseph's birth

1809 BC

The beginning of the captivity Egyptian

April *** 1792 BC

Departing of the Jews from Egypt

1362 - "-" -

Joseph's death

1699 - "-" -

Birth of Moses

February 1442 - "-" -

The law of Moses (10 commandments)

June 1362 BC

Erection of tabernacle of the congregation, for the first time

April 1361 - "-" -

Years of reign of David

926 - 886 BC

Years of reign of Solomon

885 - 846 - "-" -

The beginning of building of the temple of Solomon

May 883 - "-" -

The termination of building of the temple of Solomon

November 876 - "-" -

Division of the kingdom Israeli

846 - "-" -

Years of reign of the Rehoboam

846 - 830 - "-" -

Years of reign Abijam, the son of the Rehoboam

830 - 828 - "-" -

Years of reign Asa, son of Abijam

828 - 788 - "-" -

Ahab, the king Israeli, years of reign

791 - 770 - "-" -

Years of prophesy of the prophet Elias

790 - 766 - "-" -

Ascension of Elias

766 - "-" -

Years of prophesy of the prophet Elisha

766 - 700 - "-" -

King Jehoram, the son of Ahab, years of reign

770 - 758 - "-" -

King Uzziah ( or Azariah)

671 620 - "-" -

King Hezekiah

591 - 562 - "-" -

Years of the prophesy of the prophet Isaiah

623 - 566 - "-" -

Josiah, the king Judaic, years of reign

513 - 483 - "-" -

Nebuchadnezzar, the king Babylonian, years of reign

479 - 434 - "-" -

King Zedekiah

471 - 461 - "-" -

Destruction of Jerusalem

461 BC

The beginning of the Babylonian captivity

471 - "-" -

Years of the prophesy of the prophet Jeremiah

501 - 461 - "-" -

Capture of the king of the Jehoiakim

480 BC

Years of the prophesy of the prophet Ezekiel

475 - 447 - "-" -

The commandment of the Cyrus, the king Persian and the termination of the captivity Babylonian, Dan.9:25, 2Chr.36:23

The beginning of 401st year BC


* Some ecclesiasts confuse date of creation of Adam to date of creation of the world, but these are two absolutely various dates between which there is a huge difference. Some of them reach simply the ridiculous: the world, - they speak, - is older than Adam only for 7 days. So ignorant opinion, certainly, should be rejected, since speaking about six Days of creation, we should not forget, that one day is with the Lord as a 1000 years, and a 1000,years as one day, 2Pet.3:8.

** We use here Biblical expression in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, Gen 7:11 as to result the name of any month from Jewish or especially from a civil calendar hardly it makes sense, since the summer and winter are founded after the flood, Gen.8:22. The Earth has not been divided yet and represented by itself uniform, huge supercontinent. This supercontinent represented of itself an amazing and at the same time fine picture. On this uniform earth there was an especial climate, without sharp fluctuations of temperature, without a cold and heat. Certainly, any glaciers were not. There were only two seasons: spring with its blossoming and warmer, but dry autumn when some plants changed the dress. At such climate it was possible to gather without special work two and even three crops in a year. Right after the flood the winter has been founded. The part of that water that filled on the earth during the flood has been held down by a cold and concluded now in polar caps of the Earth, in ices regions of Arctic and Antarctic. If now it was possible to kindle these ices, water again would cover the earth as during the flood. After division of ancient supercontinent on some continents, a part of the former land it has been deluged by sea waves; have left under water and a channel there are rivers proceeding there. Also to the present day, in some rivers of the North America and the Western Europe, running into Atlantic Ocean, the same kinds of fresh-water fishes, and such what are not present in other places reside. Get over through ocean they could not, as sea water far not their elements. This fact once again says to us that all Earth once represented of itself a single whole.

*** ... And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years (of the Egyptian captivity) even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt, we read in Exodus, 12:41. Departing of Jews, as is known, was in months Abib, in another way still named Nisan, Ex.12:2, Nehem.2:1. The name of month means green ears. This month of the Jewish calendar approximately corresponds to April of nowadays accepted civil calendar. As Departing was in April, in April there was also a beginning of the Egyptian slavery since between the beginning and the end of the Egyptian slavery there have passed EXACTLY 430 YEARS, and Departing has occurred in SELFSAME DAY, neither one day later, nor one day earlier.

**** The amendment: in 1995 in the book Regeneration of the World the author has subjected to revision a quantitative estimation of error of friar Dionysius which that has made at chronology introduction anno Domini. The author has found that it makes 2 years, instead of 3 and more as was considered by some researchers till now. The found difference in 1 year (one year) has caused of amendments to the text of the first edition, including in the Table of biblical dates about what already it has been told above.

The given book does not emanates from any Church or from a religious current and at its writing the author have guided only by the Bible and that it is usually names "common sense" and good conscience before God.