After creation of Adam the mankind history has begun, but, despite it the sixth Day of creation still proceeded, as after a while Eve then has been still created. Here events which have passed after Adam's creation:

1. The God has led to the Adam of animals and birds to see, how he names them, Gen.2:19. According to the most conservative calculation on the earth exists about 5000 kinds of beasts and more than 1500 kinds of birds. If to give all of them names (and to be engaged in it continuously, for 8 hours per day and without days off!) that for it is required 40 days. But after these days for Adam there was not found an help meet for him, Gen.2:20, i.e. Eve has not been created yet; so, day of Creation still proceeded.

2. Then the God took the man (took from the earth) and has lodged him in the Garden of Eden, Gen.2:15, i.e. in Paradise. Apostle Paul writes, that Paradise is located in the heaven (in the third heaven) 2Cor.12:2-4.

3. In Paradise (in the heaven) the Lord has given to Adam the commandment about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Gen.2:16, 17. Some time Adam lived in Paradise without Eve and only then has been created Eve, Gen.2:18.

4. Then Adam lived in Paradise together with Eve before their driving out from Paradise (again on the earth).

About all this it is written here short as in detail have already been told about it in my book 40 days in Paradise, devoted to the description the life of Adam and Eve. In order to avoid repetitions I will notice only, that all these events, that occurred in an interval between Adam's creation and creation of Eve occupy the time a little more than two years. During these over two years 6th Day of creation still proceeded (though the mankind history has already begun). Such "overlay" existed and between other days of creation, i.e. the Lord God finished the affairs in this or that day of creation little earlier, before the expiry of the term of this day, keeping as though a small stock of time. Anyway, soon after creation of Eve, the sixth Day of creation has ended, and the seventh Day of rest has begun. At once I will notice, that the given seventh Day of rest proceeds also until now wherefore about this it is told in the Epistle to Hebrews, 4:4-11: For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works and again: If they shall enter into My rest. So, as to some need to enter in it (in rest) he (God) limiteth a certain day (named Today ) saying in David after SO LONG A TIME; as it is said, Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts there remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. That is rest God's still proceeds and when it will end that some can appear latecomers, Heb.4:1. As today still there is a possibility to accept and enter into rest God's, it means, that Day of rest still proceeds. Since time of creation of Adam has passed already about 6 thousand years. Such is duration of great seventh Day of rest for today. As similar Days (Days eternal) was six more, it is easy to learn duration of all Genesis: 6000?7=42000 years. For those, who wish most accuracy, I will make a reservation, that to completeness of the specified 42 thousand years now (i.e. at the moment of a writing of the given book) there are no 4 years. The chronological Table of six Days of Creation is lower placed. All years resulted in the Table, are given in years before Christ. It would be possible to specify time, for example, from the Genesis beginning (to designate as 42 thousand years ago) but such designation will become outdated with time. It becomes outdated with each new year and even day of our life, the further, the it is more. Therefore is necessary the reliable mark which the Christmas is.

The chronological Table of six Days of Creation

The name of the event

The date of the event

The Genesis beginning, Ps.110:3, John1:18

39987 year B.C.

The beginning of the first Day of creation

39987 year B.C.

The beginning of days (God said Let there be light) Gen.1:3

14th September* 39985 B.C.

The beginning of the second Day of creation

33989 year B.C.

Creation of the heavenly Jerusalem, including: the first Heaven (is finished)

32989 year B.C.

The second Heaven (is finished)

31989 year B.C.

The third Heaven (is finished)

30989 year B.C.

Creation of the steam crust of the Earth

Since 30989 B.C.

The beginning of the third Day of creation, including: Creation of primordial continent (the earth that is very far off)

27992 B.C.

Creation of greens, grass, plants

from 27991 to 24993 B.C.

Creation of the fruit-trees

from 24993 to 21994 B.C.

Creation of the Paradise (is finished)

21994 B.C.

The beginning of the fourth Day of creation including: Creation of the sun

Since 21994 B.C.

Moon creation

About 20000

Creation of the stars, including Angels

from 20000 ** to 15996

The beginning of 5th Day of creation and creation of reptiles, including dinosaurs

Since 15996 B.C.

Continuation of creation of reptiles. Creation of the big fishes

Since 15996 to 13996 B.C.

Continuation of creation of reptiles. Creation of the small fishes

from 13996 to 12996 B.C.

The final period of creation of reptiles. The beginning of the period of creation of birds

Since 12996 to 11996 B.C.

The final period of creation of birds

from 11996 to 9999 B.C.

The beginning of 6th Day of creation and Creation of cattle

Since 9999 B.C.

Creation of creeping thing (small living creatures)

from 7999 B.C.

Creation of beasts of the earth

from 5999 to 4001 B.C.

Creation of the man (Adam)

4001 B.C.

God Lord creates of Eve, wife of Adam

3999 B.C.

Creation of insects on the earth***

Since 3999 B.C.

The end of six Days of creation and the beginning of 7th Day of rest

3987 B.C.

*Notes: the beginning of days corresponds to words of the Lord God Let there be light. Usual days then were not. The author extrapolated action of a present calendar for then time.

** 1) some of Angels are created much earlier, see book of Job, 38:7. 2) Process of creation of the sun, the moon and stars (including angels) in many respects was parallel, i.e. creation of angels went within all 4th Day of creation.

*** I.e. mosquitoes (on broader scale insects that drink blood) and also louses, fleas, ticks, caterpillars, moth, worms-parasites, flies, etc. wreckers.